Introducing The Stealth Tube

  • SPFX Smoke Tubing
  • Stick it where the light shines!
  • Camera friendly; hides inside the shot
  • Custom sizes, patterns and colors available

Pyrotechnic Bullet Hit Squib Kits

Real & Visceral. What Audiences Demand.

Rapid Reload – LFH

  • For use with Industry Standard De La Mare D80-1/2 Pyrotechnic Charge
  • 8cc Blood Bag, Customizable up to 10cc

Rapid Reload – BFH

  • For use with Industry Standard De La Mare D80-1 Pyrotechnic Charge
  • 28cc Blood Bag, Customizable from 15-35cc
  • Safe and consistent
  • 2-4 minutes to wire and fire
  • Drastic reduction in set-up and turn-around time
  • Maintain desired realism
  • Standardized Safety features
  • Patented Technology

Did you see us on the CBC’s Dragons’ Den?

Rapid Reload As Seen On