Direct Hit FX Stealth Tube

Stealth tubing hides from the camera and quickly disperses smoke throughout your set.

  • 20″ diameter effortlessly transports smoke
  • available in 1000 ft and 500 ft rolls
  • tough 2.5 millimeter plastic
  • multiple camoflage prints are available
  • custom colors and sizes are available

Custom color and size availability is subject to order size. Due to high demand, three weeks lead time is required.

Rapid Reload Bullet Hit Squib Kits

Rapid Reload is the world’s first and only pre-manufactured bullet hit squib system for Film and Television

  • Safe and consistent
  • 2-4 minutes to wire and fire
  • Drastic reduction in set-up and turn-around time
  • Maintain desired realism
  • Standardized Safety features
  • Custom orders – custom blood and sizes

Available in two sizes:

  • BFH for use with D80-1 charge
  • LFH for use with D80-1/2 charge

Available with two mounting options:

  • The BFH available in body and costume mount
  • The LFH is designed for body mounting

Rapid Reload BFH

Using a big gun? You need the BFH! It’s a big effect designed to make you look like a rock star. Uses an industry standard D-80 1 (not included). The blood splatter can be adjusted by mounting in different rotated positions for greater flexibility.

Each kit includes:

  • Harness
  • 16 Gauge Steel Protection
  • 28 cc Blood Bag
  • Clear Mounting Tapes

Choose the tape mounting option when you order:

  • Body mount
  • Costume mount

Custom orders available with blood of choice (including Zombie), from 15-35 cc

The Rapid Reload BFH with body mount tapes.

Rapid Reload LFH

The Rapid Reload LFH with body mount tapes.

Easily disguised bullet hit squib. Ideal for television, replicating hits from weapons like 9mm and .38 Specials.  Only a 2 1/2 inch total profile! For use with De La Mare D-80 1/2 (not included). Custom orders available with blood and colour of choice (including Zombie) and upward to 10 cc.

Each kit includes:

  • Harness
  • 18 Gauge Steel Protection
  • 8 cc Blood Bag
  • Clear Body Mount Tapes
Stuntman Cam Hilts testing the new Rapid Reload II

Stuntman Cameron Hilts testing the Rapid Reload BFH